Bed Bath & Beyond came to us with the difficult task of targeting new college students for their back to school campaign. What resulted was #CollegeProblems Solved, a humor, hacks, and DIY-focused campaign focused on the common problems their customer encounters in dorm and college life, and the BB&B’s products needed to fix them. 

Using comedy and exclusive content created by popular YouTube influencers and directed towards Millennials, we created audience connections and conversations across all social platforms, as well as introduced and secured the brand as an expert authority and one-stop-shop for all college dorm wants and needs with relatable problem-solution content. 

The video above is what we created to capture the spirit of the creative idea for our client presentation. The video below is what we produced with them on their catalogue shoot for dark posts across Instagram. The posts proved highly successful and garnered more than 100% more engagement than their usual content.